Pořadí Hráč Frakce body do ligy Solaris
1 Jan „Nazghul“ Puš Dark Legion 22,0
2 Jiří „Blain“ Pazděra Capitol 19,9
3 Radek „Piňďa“ Piňous Bauhaus 17,8
4 Štěpán „Foltest“ Halla Brotherhood 15,6
5 Jindřich „Longer“ Hora Mishima 14,6
6 Jiří „Biggles“ Konvalinka Brotherhood 13,5
7 Ladislav „Kyrys“ Zich Bauhaus 12,4
8 Václav „Nomis“ Pouchlý Mishima 11,4
9 David „Davec“ Lenc Dark Legion 10,3
10 Jakub „KubaMrtvola“ Novotný Imperial – MOW 9,3
11 Zdeněk „Drobz“ Papež Cybertronic 8,2
12 Michal „Mishamisho“ Hladík Dark Legion 7,1
13 Jiří „Bauhaus“ Dosudil Bauhaus 6,1
14 Tomáš „Komish“ Novotný Cybertronic 5,0
15 Jaroslav „Padlar“ Mika Mishima 5,0
16 Pavel „Exefx“ Havelík Imperial – MOW 5,0
17 Ondřej „Udunai“ Onačila Cybertronic 5,0
18 Otakar „Rhawn“ Vitásek Capitol 5,0
 * jména hráčů jsou propojena s odkazem na armádu kterou na turnaji hráli

Tento turnaj byl třetím turnajem české Warzone Resurrection ligy „Solaris“. Podrobnější informace k lize, včetně průběžných výsledkových listin, nalezenete na – http://www.wzr.cz/akce/ceska-liga-solaris/

Turnaj proběhl za podpory eshopu Piece Of Terrain  a brněnské herny Black Oil, kterým tímto děkujeme.





1. Jiří „Blain“ Pazděra – Capitol
2.  Petr „Caferccan“ Bukjovan – Dark Legion
3.  Ladislav „Kyrys“ Zich  – Bauhaus
4. Radek „Pinďa“ Piňous – Bauhaus
5.  Lukáš „Katcher“ Kačinetz  – Mishima
6. Zdeněk „Drobz“ Papež – Cybertronic
7.  Václav „Nomis“ Pouchlý – Mishima
8. – 10. Jiří „Bauhaus“ Dosoudil – Bauhaus
8. – 10. Jaroslav „padlar“ Mika – Mishima
8. – 10. Antonín „Gladius“ Karoch – Cybertronic

Tento turnaj byl druhým turnajem české Warzone Resurrection ligy „Solaris“. Podrobnější informace k lize, včetně průběžných výsledkových listin, nalezenete na – http://www.wzr.cz/akce/ceska-liga-solaris/

Turnaj proběhl za podpory eshopu Piece Of Terrain  a výrobce hry Prodos Games LTD., kterým tím to děkujeme.



Pro turnaj zapůjčili terény Piece Of Terrain, Ogří doupě a herní desky byly poskytnuty hernou Mephit. Děkujeme!











Pojďte se s námi připravit a nabrat síly na Vánoční „pohodu“ a oslavy Nového roku. Jak lépe zapomenout na všechen ten shon, než na celovíkendové wargamingové akci!

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WZR BRNO_bez data

30. – 31.1. 2016 se v brněnské herně Black Oil uskuteční turnaj „WZR Brno – zima 2016“

Třetí turnaj české Warzone Resurrection ligy „Solaris“



1 armáda ,1000b , Standard OOC, karetní balík



ke stažení ZDE 

Mise, Hodnocení turnaje, Deployment, FAQ

ke stažení ZDE


Místo konání

herna Black Oil, Kotlářská 51a, 602 00 – Brno



 Seznam přihlášených hráčů

Nick hráče Army list Zaplaceno
1. Nazghul Ano/Ano Ano
2. ExEFX Ano/Ano Ne
3. Drobz Ano/Ano Ano
4. Blain Ano/Ano Ano
5. Davec Ano/Ano Ano
6. Nomis Ano/Ano Ne
7. Udunai Ano/Ano Ne
8. Komish Ano/Ano Ano
9. Kubamrtvola Ano/Ano Ne
10. Biggles Ano/Ano Ne
11. Piňďa Ano/Ano Ne
12. Kyrys Ano/Ano Ano
13. Rhawn Ano/Ano Ne
14. Padlar Ano/Ano Ano
15. Bauhaus Ano/Ano Ne
16. Foltest Ano/Ano Ne
17. Mishamisho Ano/Ano Ano
18. Longer Ano/Ano Ne


Army list – před lomítkem je označeno zde již byl hráčem zaslán list ke kontrole, za lomítkem pak zde je list již zkontrolován organizátor

Zaplaceno – potvrzení přijetí plateb zaslaných předem na účet organizátora







RPG Models – Capitol Set

Protože momentálně není dostatek času na sepsání nějaké byť jen lehké recenze produktu, rozhodl jsem se uveřejnit alespoň fotky. Konečně u unpackingu jde především a hlavně o obsah blisteru , fotky jsu tak víc než tisíc slov. Názor si jistě každý umí udělat sám.

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I opened my eyes and looked at the clock placed on night table next to my uncomfortable bed. It was already morning, just few minutes before I have to get up anyway. I gazed at ceiling of my small cell and watched, as a tiny black spider wrapped the remains of his last victim.

Meanwhile, somebody was knocking on the door and said loudly:

„Sir Inquisitor? “

I opened the door and looked at the Mishima crewman dressed in blue uniform with bright Mishima flag on his right shoulder.

„Anything new today?“ I said being still half asleep.

„Yes, sir. Captain Taruma wants to see you at the command bridge.“ replied crewman.

I stared at him with the hope that something in his look will gives me hint about what is happening. But the crewman look was as hard as a rock without any evidence of disturbance. I packed my things and got on the bridge few minutes later.

„You wanted to see me, captain Taruma?“ I asked the captain in well-ironed uniform.

„Yes, sir. The supply ship is approaching our position. So I thought, you could be interested.“ Said the captain in a low commanding voice, trained by years of service.

„Well, you were right. I am excited for every change in my ordinary day, Captain. Let’s take a look at what they are bringing to us.“ I replied hastily.

After fifteen minutes we were waiting for connection with the supply ship at the docking area. I was surprised after seeing people coming from the landed ship which were definitely not Mishima soldiers.

They were only two of them. First one was huge and well muscled. He wore studded leather armour with a red cloak painted with capitol sign and he held enormous minigun in his right hand. The second guy was apparently smaller than the first one. He wore a black leather armour with big shoulder parts painted with cartel sign. A huge bastard sword was hanging at his back. I looked on the Mishima captain and I saw the shine in his eyes. That bastard. He knew it all the time that the plans for the supply ship were changed. He didn`t notice me on purpose. I should keep an eye on him.

„How it may happen that you guys come with our supplies? And by the hell, who you are?“ I ask the approaching man.

„Well, I am Henry J. Bob and I am driving this nice piece of metal.“ says the bigger one.

„This is my close colleague Frank D. Wilson. I thought that Captain already informed you. There were some accidents with fuel in the shipyard. Plenty of ships were grounded and we had to take a way around. We received an order to pick up your supplies and put them on our beauty. Isn’t she nice, lads?“ continued the bigger guy while tapping on the wall of the spaceship.

„Well, this is a new one, specially designed for us, doomtroopers.“. He merrily looked at his colleague. The smaller guy took out a big cigar from his pocket and started to smoke.

How I hate these doomtroopers. They always act like they own the world, while we are only small worms. They always point out that they have some extraordinary gear, or equipment. And now, one of them is saucily smoking in front of me the biggest cigar I have ever seen. I have roughly seen a cigar last few months, because smoking on Mishima ship is of course prohibited. How dare he are.

You heard it Captain, get your man to pick up the supplies.” I replied.

Captain nodded and released the orders to his crew. I have seen enough, so I dismissed myself into my cabin.

In few days things on the ship got back to normal. I laid on my bed prepared for a nap, but alarm squeaked loudly through the whole spaceship. I released few curses, put my uniform on and quickly approached the command bridge.

What’s going on here?” I hastily asked the Captain Taruma.

It looks that one of our control beacon on a Charon’s surface detected something strange. We are not sure what it is. So, we will send and exploiter team to analyse it. Do you want to join them sir?” he glanced at me with his typical emotionless look.

Of course I will.” I replied.

In less than an hour I was crammed with other ten Mishima soldiers in a transport ship, which brought us on a surface of the Charon. In few minutes after landing, one of Mishima soldier called through transmitter, since he probably found the source of the strange signal. We all moved into his position and observe some small black device, which was hidden beneath the rock pile.

No doubt, it’s some black symmetry, sir” nodded Mishima squad commander.

I am not blind, chump. I can also recognize that it is a sort of switcher” I replied.

The Mishima mechanic tried to operate the device, but he was completely unsuccessful. Than it came into my mind, that it was actually hidden beneath rocks. It was maybe not designed to be manipulated with hands. I soothed myself, concentrated, touching the end sequences in my mind. I called the art of a manipulation and sent a strong message to this device. I was amazed how clearly this idea works.

A boulder next to our position moved to the side with soft noise and we saw cave opening. The whole squad entered the cave. After entering, the boulder doors shut down behind us automatically. In few seconds, the inner spaces were filled with an unknown gas and we felt our weights being increased due to the artificial magnetic field. Our sensors notified us that the atmosphere inside the cave was breathable. After several minutes of searching, we found a huge room filled by crates and shelves.

Nothing special. Just common things, if you want to repair your gear” I nodded to the squad commander.

Than a loud scream cut off the silence in the cave. We seeked for the source of the scream.

There were heretics, mutants, necromutants…. all of them coming from various passages and corridors. Everybody got their guns loaded and ready. In a second, the squeaking of automatic weapons broke the sound of mumbling mutants. From beginning, we thought it will be quickly and easily done.

Our firepower was unbeatable.

Unfortunately, with time, we became exhausted, some weapons were jammed, while the forces of dark legion were endless.

Form the tight formation! We need to breakthrough to reach the exit, before we are overwhelmed by them” ordered the squad commander. The tight formation was formed with incredible speed and in such skilful manner, as it was something that all Mishima guys were born with.

The formation provided a very small place for me, and I felt uncomfortable in it. The formation continuously moved. However, I needed several stops to aim and reload my AC-40. After some time I have realized, that I was running late in this tight formation, which now stood few steps behind me. Just few tiny steps….. Then a mutant fired at the ceiling and huge amount of stones fell on us. We were still able to see each other.

Please, do not keep me here, stop the formation and help me out of here” I authoritatively yelled into transmitter, as the enemies were approaching.

Whole Mishima squad looked at me, like I was a ghost.

Hey, it will be an honour, to take me out of here!” I screamed and shot the closest mutant in head at the same time.

Honour sir? You did not know, that only Ronins were going on such missions? We already lost our honour sir, now we want to save our asses.” replied the squad commander.

Ronins disappeared from my view and I felt alone there.

Really? Alone?

Did I forgot on something? I turn over, but it was too late. Only thing that I saw was the big metal object coming to my face.


Everything is black.

Is it Death?

Some people say that light should is waiting on you in the blackness. But here is nothing.

And I feel something. Damned, I feel terrible pain around entire body. And, I cannot move, it’s strange. So this is hell?

In a moment my eyes were flooded by incoming light. For my surprise I heard same silky voice speaking:

So my little Inquisitor is waking up. Nice. Now, my small experiment should begin. Did you already heard about me, my little sweaty?”

A womanly face was summoned in front of my eyes. It contained evil yellow eyes, blue hair, purple lips and few small horns. I have already seen this face. Yes. The former brotherhood Valkyria and now, the lady Golgotha personally.

I felt like my skin became pale, bloodless. It was she, who was famous for extra cruelty on prisoners. I thought, as a brotherhood man, that she will prepare something very special for me.

My world was shaken in agony.

I felt how I am falling into darkness again.

I felt like grenade exploded in my head. What? grenade? I think I heard grenade. I concentrated on the reality and woke up from unconsciousness.

Humans, here? In my place? How many, …We need to pack our lab now, and run out of here.” I heard the shreds of conversation.

Yes…. him“

„Kill him in front of the eyes of incomers.”

I heard the judgement of death. I prayed to all the Gods, which I ever heard of.

The screams, explosions and sounds of emptied ammunition shells come to my ears.

The fight got closer. But fight here? Where Golgotha is present? It must be some ridiculous army to attack Golgotha in her dwelling. Who is so stupid to do this? And then I knew…

The necromutant behind me exploded in a burst of the minigun lead. The minigun is not a precise weapon, so I felt like the bullets shave my chest. But amazingly, I was unharmed. The huge guy with red cloak accompanied by smaller guy with sword in his hand comes to my view. They came closer and untied my leather chains.

You just come here to save me? Doomtroopers, I do not believe this! ”

„I thought, you were just a bunch of jerks“ I speak in amazement.

„Well, to be honest” reply the big one, looking on his friend and continued:

We were voting about leaving you here. Your rescue won just 2 to 1 voices from the extra voice coming from my minigun inpatient of dark legion blood. Anyway, let’s get quickly out of here, before they realise there are only three of us!”.


I still do not know whether he made a joke, or their voting was real. Nevertheless from that moment I have realized, that courage and honour is not privilege only of Mishima.

RPG Models – Bauhaus Set

Protože momentálně není dostatek času na sepsání nějaké byť jen lehké recenze produktu, rozhodl jsem se uveřejnit alespoň fotky. Konečně u unpackingu jde především a hlavně o obsah blisteru , fotky jsu tak víc než tisíc slov. Názor si jistě každý umí udělat sám.

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Rámcové téma viz výše (Doomtrooper), jak se ho každý autor zhostí a uchopí ho, je zcela na něm
každou práci opatřete úderným názvem (zejména pro rozlišovací účely)



Minimálně 1000 slov (cca 2 stránky A4), horní hranice stanovena není (doporučení je cca 3000 slov/6 stránek A4, pro hodnocení to ale není nikterak rozhodující)



Z chyb gramatických, překlepů, či interpunkčních si nedělejte hlavu, to snad zredigujeme; do stylistiky vám ale rozhodně nikdo zasahovat nebude



neděle 15. 11 2015
práce samozřejmě můžete (a budu vám vděčen) zasílat dříve, na e-mailovou adresu trottle@centrum.cz



cca od 20. 11 budou práce vyvěšené na www.wzr.cz, ve stejné době se na serveru Hofyland.cz v klubu Warzone objeví anketa, ve které budete moci prostřednictvím anonymního hlasování zvolit vítěze soutěže; každý bude moci hlasovat pro tři povídky, které ho nejvíc oslovily (je možné hlasovat pro méně než tři, v opačném případě jsou ale všechny hlasy daného ID neplatné)
konec hlasování a vyhlášení vítěze proběhne 29. 11 2015



model Imperiálního Doomtroopera
plus další ceny (i pro další místa) od Piece of Terrain

Ve hře (podle zájmu) je také vydání všech povídek, coby suvenýru 🙂

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